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Registered Dietitian | Yoga Teacher | Wellness Coach

I'm a wellness coach specializing in Intuitive Eating. In my past life I I was a clinical dietitian, seeing over a dozen patients a day in the hospital. 

Telling sick or injured patients the foods that they couldn't have in their restrictive diets and encouraging them to down supplemental shakes 3 times a day was not my idea of helping people become healthy.


Fast forward 8 years into my career, I left healthcare completely behind. Read more here...


What is Intuitive Eating?

Intuitive Eating is a holistic approach to healing one's relationship with food and their body. It's no quick fix. It's the unlearning of all the dieting habits one has developed, that shape the way they approach eating. The process honors our body's needs in a gentle manner. 

We should be able to eat the foods we love and enjoy them without guilt or shame. 

We should be able to be the size we are without punishment. 

Is Intuitive Eating for you?

answer these questions


Are you frustrated because you've "failed" one too many diets when actuality the diets are failing you?

Holistic Approach


Have you lost the ability to know your when to eat and when to stop eating? 

Body Image

How many times a day do you have a negative thought about the way you look? Does it affect the way you eat?

Yoga & Philosophy


Ever wonder how yoga can help you beyond increasing flexibility and balance?


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"Mayuko’s 90 Days Intuitive Eating program will have you looking differently at food and your relationship with it. She creates a very safe space that is supremely nonjudgmental!  Mayuko knows my inner thoughts - thoughts that I would never share with anyone! - as we talked through fears, accumulated history around food, body image and negative ways of framing food.

My weight and food had been a challenge for many decades. I was totally out of touch with hunger, fullness and satiety cues - had no idea, really - and I learned to gauge those physically in my body.  I've started to dedicate meal time to savor, instead of eating fast and mindlessly between "more important" tasks. It's helped me gain some peace with the aging process. And I can eat a milk chocolate bar once a week and enjoy it instead of beating myself up. I’ve noticed I’m now less judgmental about my eating and my weight. Less rigid about my goal of “healthy eating,” which now seems artificial. 

It was quite an experience that changed how I interact with food, and gave me both a foundation and action steps to move forward on a healthy path. I recommend working with Mayuko on the 90 day Intuitive Eating Program. It’s a different way of approaching food that gets outside all the garbage we’re bombarded with in so many ways."


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