Done with diets? Intuitive Eating may be your solution.

Are you done spending a lot of time, energy, and money on countless diets without promising results? Do you feel like a failure for not being able to upkeep a diet or exercise regimen?

Perhaps you are tired of being on and off diets, fluctuating weights, and feeling bad about yourself and your body.

Before throwing your hands up and your health out the window (possibly for the twelfth time), consider INTUITIVE EATING. And no, this isn’t another diet. It’s quite the opposite of dieting.

If you’re someone who’s heard bits and pieces of Intuitive Eating, I’d like to for you to start with a clean slate. There’s lots of misinformation out there.

Intuitive Eating is a simple concept - the way we were meant to eat. How toddlers eat and maybe how our great grandparents ate, before diets were a thing. When diets became popular, people became obsessed with weight loss and in turn began to cultivate unhealthy relationships with food and diet. In intuitive eating, one listens to their body instead of the mind and external sources. Instead of “It’s 12pm so I should eat lunch” it could be “I feel hungry, so I’d like to have lunch.” Perhaps a more complex situation would be emotional eating. But that too can be managed through intuitive eating.

Intuitive Eating is about healing your relationship to both food and your body. You are essentially undoing diets, unlearning all of what you’ve picked up in your life on how you should eat and how you should look.

If you can focus on listening to your body, taking care of your physical and emotional needs, you are on your way to becoming an intuitive eater.

I'm Mayuko and I'm a Registered Dietitian and Yoga Teacher, specializing in Intuitive Eating. If you are looking for guidance as you transition from dieting to Intuitive Eating, click here to learn more.

Mini FAQ

Q. How do you lose weight if you just listen to what your body wants?

A. Actually, the focus is taken off weight loss and placed instead, on taking care of your health. When you communicate with your body, you may realize that your body wants different foods and in different amounts than what you are used to. Once you’ve gotten a hang of intuitive eating, your weight may normalize. And normal doesn’t mean any specific weight range for your height and age, but what is normal for your body at this stage in your life.

Q. I heard you can eat whatever you want in Intuitive Eating, is that true?

A. Ok let me explain. It’s true that there is no limit on what you can and cannot eat. However, you must be aware of what you’re eating and how it’s affecting your body. In this process you can eat the foods you love, if you practice mindful eating and manage your emotions. And it takes practice.

Q. How long does Intuitive Eating take?

A. This is a healing process that does not have any specific time frame except your own. It depends on each person and may be a few months or years. Just think about how much time and money you’ve spent on various diets.

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