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Are you tired of diets that don't work? Searching for a holistic approach?

Perhaps you have been on and off diets for many years without lasting results. 

Or perhaps you feel shameful about your body and unsuccessfully try to control your eating. 

You've been frustrated because you aren't disciplined enough.

Did you know that the weight loss industry is worth $68 Billion?  Disgusting right? 

They persuade people us to sign up for programs and buy products that promise weight loss. We hop on the band wagon because we're desperate....and we're also suckers for quick fixes. Wouldn't we all be at our perfect body weight years ago if they actually worked? 

You're not alone. It's been ingrained in us since childhood to look a certain way. We're told what's acceptable and what's not. Our parents, peers, society, and media have told us what is an acceptable weight range and what we should eat and shouldn't eat. We've learned to ignore our instincts and intuition on how to take care of ourselves. 

Fear drives us to diet and exercise. We no longer know when we're hungry. We eat our feelings. We give in to food. We let ourselves down and feel that we've failed yet another attempt at losing weight. 

But in actuality, the diets are failing us. 

Intuitive Eating is a healing process that allows you to cultivate a healthier relationship with food and your body, through a holistic perspective.

Do you wish you could...

  • Stop the hateful thoughts about your body?

  • Eat the foods you love without consequences?

  • Enjoy wearing the clothes you love without feeling shame?

  • Let go of all of the negative thoughts that run through your mind 24/7?

  • Be kind to yourself without judgment?

  • Focus on what's important to you?

  • Participate in activities you enjoy most?

  • Quit dieting for good?

I'm a Registered Dietitian and Yoga Instructor. 

I worked in hospitals across eight years. I worked as a Clinical Dietitian five of those long years, seeing patients after patients. Much of the education I provided was on restricted diets and weight management. However, my scope of practice was limited and I didn't believe in much of what was being practiced in dietetics. I wasn't helping people as I wanted to. 

The only times I felt truly appreciated was when I listened to the patients about what was going on in their lives, which had nothing to do with their nutrition. I soon realized that emotional connection was a key component in serving people.

Along the way, I found yoga to be a profoundly transforming practice that influenced my entire life. It allowed me to see health in a bigger picture. I soon became a yoga teacher and left my career behind. 

Today I teach Intuitive Eating and Yoga together, as they integrate just perfectly. I'm able to help people more through my coaching than I ever did in the hospital setting. I get to connect to my clients and help them heal their relationship to their body and food. What I love about coaching is that I get to work with my clients long term, which is so important in this work. Intuitive Eating is far from a quick fix. It takes time. So by working one on one for 90 days, together we gain a deeper understanding of the underlying issues and customize the solutions. 

I know what it feels like to live in hiding, not doing the things you love and feeling trapped. Facing truth and removing the blocks allow us to be free and shine brightly! There's no reason why you should continue to feel shame, when there is a happier and healthier version of you waiting.

Finally, make peace with food and your body...

So that you can focus on the things you love and live your fullest expression!

By the end of 90 days...

  • Learn to become an intuitive eater! This means you will be in touch with your hunger & fullness, enjoy food you love without shame or guilt, manage your emotions without food and release the diet mentality.

  • Take care of your body from a place of compassion instead of control. 

  • Appreciate your natural body for the way it is meant to be. 

  • Participate in social activities without all of the negative self talk

  • Feel good in your skin and clothes. 

  • Boost your self confidence

  • Do the things you love most and live your fullest expression

If you are ready to free yourself from your body image and food and starting enjoying the things you love, I invite you to my 90-day Intuitive Eating private coaching. 

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Intuitive Bite 

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Not ready for the full 90-day program?

The Intuitive Bite consists of two online private sessions with me to get you started on your Intuitive Eating path. The 75 minute initial session will include assessment and customized strategies. There will be a 60 minute follow up session typically 2 weeks later.

Intuitive Bite

2 Private Sessions

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